We know India, we know Italy. We can help you

We know India, we know Italy. We can help you, Italian company, to understand the nuances of the Indian business culture. We will be with you in assessing in depth the Indian market, in evaluating any potential opportunity and in identifying the difficulties you might have to face on the way. We will be glad to discuss with you the best strategies and the best practical solutions, to avoid any foreseeable hurdle, to minimize your costs and to accelerate your establishment in India.

In other words, we could be your alter-ego here in India, from the decision making process, through the start up phase till the support in running the operations. We envisage ourselves as your long term partner, for the entire duration of your business.


The list of possible services is very long, as it comprises all the possible entrepreneurial activities and varies according to the goal you intend to reach in the Indian market.

If initially you are only interested to sell your products in India, we can help you in concept selling and social marketing, we can operate to establish and protect your brand in India, and we can directly act as your agent by securing orders for your products, or we can identify for you suitable agents or distributors or we can help you to set up your own Indian sales network. And we can always be at your side to monitor the development of the project and the daily activities of your counterparts.

If you are looking at establishing your own entity in India, we will be with you along the entire process:

  • Market Analysis and Feasibility Study
  • Entry Strategy
  • Business Plan
  • Partnership
  • Incorporation of Business Entity in India
  • Monitoring of Business Activities on Your Behalf
  • Resources Mobilization: key personnel, locations, finance, licenses, utilities, suppliers, service providers
  • Compliance to Indian Laws

....and we are happy to interact with you as per your working hours.

Why Us

We can lead you through the clear channels

As Indian entrepreneurs and Indo-Italian manager we have sailed the water of the Indian market for over 25 years . We have seen and we see everyday great opportunities and we have navigated through its choppy water and hidden rocks. We have so mapped the routes and, as experienced sailors, we can lead you through the clear channels to safely reach your shore.

We have run manufacturing companies, we have set up and scaled up IT services and delivery companies, we have created successful sales network and established brands as market leader by generating long-term demand for products and services innovative in their nature, we have spearheaded bi-lateral Indo-Italian business associations.

We believe that ethical entrepreneurship is an answer for the uplifting and improvement of life of the local stakeholders and that mutual trust is the basic ingredient for successful long term business and relationship.

Who We Are

Over 100 person years of experience

We are a group of professionals supporting Italian companies in establishing their footprint in India. Together our strengths lie in over 100 person years of experience in market analysis and business opportunities identification, business strategy, start up operations, staffing , leadership training & coaching, resources mobilization, running of operations.

Being entrepreneurs from the industry, we can help you establish your India presence faster than you could on your own. We are looking to partner with Italian SMEs looking at entering the Indian market.

Lukose Abraham
India Market Development

Heads the Market Development practice. He has relevant experience of around 25+ years in organizations such as Modi Xerox and Fedders Lloyd.
He is focused on assisting clients in India in Quick and Effective Implementation of Enterprise Software for the Engineering, Construction, Contracting, Realty and Operations (ECCR&O) domain in particular. He has also established good sales and support networks for several leading IT and IT product companies in the areas of ERP, Secure CCTV and Solar. He is an expert in cost optimization using value engineering methodology.

tom thomas
Tom Thomas
India Business Strategy

Leads the Business strategy practice of the organization. He has over 25 years of International Business Experience and Strategy in the establishment and management of outsourced manufacturing and Information Technology ( IT) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing ( KPO) centers in India for long term clients in the US, UK and Europe as an Entrepreneur. Tom has a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University. He is passionate about building relationships with Italian companies and has been several years on the Bangalore board of the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our Own Trusted Team

Along with us we have an established network of reliable professionals, enterprises and institutions, we have worked with over the last couple of decades, that we can tap into according to your specific requirements.

Why India

Large and expanding domestic market

India is the 6th largest economy in the world (3rd largest in Purchasing Power Parity)


India has a large and expanding domestic market: 60% of GDP growth is sustained by domestic market


India climbed from 100th to 77th place, in 2018, in the World Bank "Ease of doing business index"

Indo-Italian Trade Balance

Trade Balance

Sectors of opportunities in India of interest to Italian companies:

  • Automotive: components, electric vehicles, digital technology
  • Building and construction: equipments & machinery, innovative building solutions, building materials Furniture and fittings
  • Renewable energy: technology and components for solar & wind energy, waste to energy technology
  • Agri food: agricultural technologies & machinery, food-processing, food preservation (cold chain), precision agriculture
  • Information Technologies: analytics, VR & AR, AI, machine learning, ITES, Software Development, remote contact centers
  • Healthcare & wellness: tele-medicine, medical eqipments, disposable materials
  • Industrial machinery
  • Aerospace
  • Education: MBA, engineering, design, fashion, health care
  • Tourism

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